How to get rid of yellow nails

How to get rid of yellow nails

Many of the health issues are visible also. One of such issues is the yellow nails. Though all the yellow nails do not mean there is health problem, majority of them are yes. Hence the foremost important thing one needs to do is to find out the causes of yellow nails and remove them forever. If there are any habits that lead to poor health and hygiene one must work on it and give it up as soon as possible. However, there are also some other reasons that lead to yellow nails.

Below are some of the ways in which you can treat your yellow nails.

Foryellowish nails use a buffing board

The top coat of your nail that is stainedneeds to be exfoliated.Buffing board can be used for this purpose. Don’tscrub away too much. This method is used to get rid of discoloration and yellowing of nails.

Tea tree oil for yellow nails

A fungal infection may also be one of the reasons for yellowing of your nails. Since tea tree oil contains anti microbial properties. You can take a few drops of tea tree oil mix it with an essential oil of your choice and apply it directly on your nails. Leave it on for a few minutes wash it with lukewarm water. Follow this method thrice a week for a few months until you witness improvement.


Orange isa excellent source of vitamins and other anti oxidants. Deliciously refreshing oranges are also used for treating yellowing of nails. Take an orange and peel it. Now use this peel and rub it on your nail beds. Wait for a few minutes and rinse it under the tap. Use this method everyday to see visible improvement.


Vinegar which is chemically known as acetic acid is a wonder ingredient for treating yellowing of nails. Vinegar has mild acidic properties that has an exfoliating effect on yellow nails thereby making then clearer and stain tree. You can add a tablespoon of vinegar and add two tablespoons of water to it in a bowl. Mix them and dip your fingers in this Alton for 10 minutes. You will have to follow this method everyday to see results.

How to get rid of yellow nails

Vitamin E oil or capsules

Vitamin E is not just a perfect ingredient in your cosmetic products it is also a great healer. It promotes healthy nail growth and prevents them from exposure to environmental harshness. You can either take vitamin E oil or vitamin e capsules effort then in a small bowl. Mix it with an essential or aromatic oil of your choice. Apply it directly to your nail beds. It absorbs quickly so you don’t have to wash it away. Keep it overnight or apply it everyday as often as required. This will not only prevent staining and yellowing of your nails but will also prevent breakage.Vitamin E can also be taken in the form of capsules as this will also promotes healthy nail growth and make them immune to other problems as well.